In a very special episode of The [BLANK] Line, where all 3 sit around the same table, the guys find out what random super powers they have been gifted. How do these super powers work for or against each of them? What if they were to fight against each other? Who would win? And why did Carl’s man crush do the things that he did in Avenger’s Infinity War? If you would like to play along at home, get a random super power of your own! As Joel has to leave the show early, Carl and Mike are left alone to answer Mike’s Weird Question,Read More →

Half of the Conference Finals have been set, meaning that the Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks have been sent home empty handed. In the middle of Boston’s elimination, Brad Marchand started licking people again. What should the punishment have been? With Marchand taking to Twitter the morning after, Joel let’s us know about his current Twitter goals. Who do the Tampa Bay Lightning match up better against, or does it even matter? Can Tampa punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final right now? When it comes to playoff narratives, Alex Ovechkin seems to always struggle, while Jake Guentzel has hit another gear. DoRead More →