The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #134 – The Sweat Bet

The guys are back and Carl is dealing with statements that he made on the debut episode of The 5th Line Podcast about what he would do for $1000. They also dive into the Stanley Cup Final thus far.

– Is Pekka Rinne any good? Which Pekka Rinne is for real? Is he regressing to the mean? What even is regressing to the mean? Is mean regression a thing?

– The Penguins won the first 2 games in the series. Does this mean that they have all of the momentum? Is momentum a thing?

Jake Guentzel has 5 game winning goals so far in the playoffs. Does this make him the Conn Smythe favorite?

– Offside reviews are causing all kinds of confusion. How can it be fixed?

– What lengths should one go to to smuggle a catfish into a hockey game?

– PK Subban guaranteed a win in Game 3. Are we okay with this?

– Kyle Dubas is staying in Toronto. Is this good for the Toronto front office situation?

All this and more!

Intro music by Erik Hall of Shoot the Shred podcast

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