Adidas Blows Whistle on Third Jerseys

As discussed on this week’s podcast, next season’s jersey manufacturers Adidas have done away with the third/alternate jersey. This will make it easier to roll out the new jerseys for each team. Those affected will have to face a choice, do they integrate the alternate design into the their home/road jersey? Or do they abandon them altogether?

Here are the teams that currently have an alternate jersey (as defined by their official store), and a few thoughts on what should become of them.

Anaheim Ducks

This gloriously orange jersey with its retro logo needs to stay, it can easily replace the Ducks’ current road jersey. That logo is iconic and the color isn’t going to clash with many other teams.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins alternate jersey has nice throwback elements to it, but I doubt anyone in Boston’s front office will give a second thought to keep this. It’s time for this to be retired.

Calgary Flames

I don’t really care for any of the Flames’ jersey designs, but apart from the redesigned logo, black yoke and tweaks to the stripes, there’s not much to differentiate the alternate jersey from the regular home jersey. Bin it.

Carolina Hurricanes

Surprisingly not a training jersey, this is Carolina’s actual alternate. The logo represents a warning flag and Carolina’s ‘research triangle’. The squares represent… um… squares. None of this needs to be kept.

Colorado Avalanche

This is the Av’s latest third jersey, the logo references the Colorado Rockies’ logo. This is a keeper, ideally it could replace the team’s current home jersey with its dated colors, but both are bland so maybe just use this for all games.

Columbus Blue Jackets

It’s cool, it’s retro. It’s a little to close in color to the current home jersey to be used on the road, so bin them both. Use this for home games and design a new one for the road. I’m sure Bettman will appreciate the extra income.

Edmonton Oilers

Referencing the Oilers’ WHA days, this is a nice clean design and could easily replace the team’s current boring road jersey. Take note Adidas.

Los Angeles Kings

Yawn. What was wrong with the gold and purple jerseys? This looks like another training jersey and has no place in the NHL.

Minnesota Wild

Why this hasn’t already been adopted as the Wild’s home jersey, I’ll never know (oh wait, revenue). This is one of my favorite jerseys in all of sport and Minnesota play half their damn games in it anyway.

New York Islanders

Just no. Last I checked the ‘N’ in ‘NY’ did not stand for ‘ninjas’.

New York Rangers

Simply swap ‘RANGERS’ for ‘NEW YORK’ and you have an alternate jersey. I actually prefer this to the current home jersey, but you could probably swap it and half the fans wouldn’t notice. Keep it.

Ottawa Senators

I’d be happy to see the Senators use this as either a road or home jersey. It’s better than their current efforts and stands out for being unusual. Fun fact, this jersey has the team’s name in English and French (on different shoulders).

Philadelphia Flyers

Wish your road jersey had gold numbers and ever-so-slightly more orange shoulders? The Flyers have taken a leaf out of the Rangers’ book of lazy jersey design.

San Jose Sharks

I’m cool with the Sharks adopting this as their home jersey, I’ve never been a big fan of teal. The design may be minimal but that logo will be hidden by Brent Burns‘ beard anyway.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Pointless. Bin it and move on with your life.

Vancouver Canucks

This really is just the Canucks’ regular home jersey with a different logo. Cool if you don’t like whales. There’s nothing here that needs to be kept. Although to be fair it’s not the worst jersey the Canucks have ever had…

Washington Capitals

This needs to go. Throwback designs do sometimes have a time and place, but there’s just too much going on here.

Those are my brief thoughts on the current alternate jerseys in use by NHL teams. What do you think of your team’s alternate? Let us know on Twitter or join in the conversation below.

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