And the Osc(k)ar Goes to…

As the first games of the NHL season have started, I’ve been hearing the name “Oscar” quite a bit. I decided to dig a little deeper and found that there’s been a few players with some recent NHL history with the first name of “Oscar” or “Oskar”

It turns out it’s a pretty popular name. It happened to be the 4th most popular name for boys in 2004 in Sweden, although the players on this list were all born prior to 2004. With the way these players are progressing and how popular the game has become, the popularity of this name is only going to increase. Here’s a quick look at the list:

Oscar Moller, Right Wing

Born:  1989 Stockholm, Sweden

Moller is currently with Skelleftea AIK in Sweden. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in 2007, the 52nd Overall pick. This particular Oscar played 87 games in the NHL, scoring 12 goals and adding 14 assists.


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Oscar Lindberg, Center

Born:  1991, Skelleftea, Sweden

Lindberg is playing for the Vegas Golden Knights. He was drafted by the Phoenix Coyotes in 2010, the 57th Overall pick. Lindberg has played a total of 198 NHL games so far in his career and has notched 30 goals, while adding 29 Assists.


Oscar Klefbom, Defense

Born: 1993, Karlstad, Sweden

Klefbom plays for the Edmonton Oilers, one of their former 1st Round picks. He was chosen 19th Overall in the 2011 Entry Draft. He’s already played 256 games, has scored 24 goals and 70 assists so far in his career.

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Oscar Dansk, Goalie

Born: 1994, Stockholm, Sweden

This Oscar is currently in the Vegas Golden Knights system. He was drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2012, the 31st Overall pick. Dansk has played a total of 4 games in the NHL so far, he has 3 wins, a 1.78 GAA and a .931 save %. Dansk was one of several goalies to play in the Golden Knights’ first season, making it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final against Washington.


Oscar Fantenberg, Defense

Born: 1991, Ljungby, Sweden

Fantenberg was undrafted but signed an entry level contract with the LA Kings in 2017 after playing in the Swedish Elite league and a year in the KHL. He has played a total of 28 NHL games so far, has scored 2 goals and 7 assists.


Oskar Steen, Center

Born: 1998, Karlstad, Sweden

The youngest Oskar of the group, this Oskar was drafted by the Boston Bruins in 2016, the 165th overall pick. He currently plays in the Sweden with Farjestads BK Karlstad.

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Oskar Lindblom, Left Wing

Born: 1996, Gavle, Sweden

This Oskar, another with a “K”, was selected by the Philadelphia Flyers in 2014, 138th overall.  He is currently playing with the Flyers and has played a total of 24 NHL games, scoring 3 goals and 4 assists.


Oskar Osala, Left Wing

Born: 1987, Vaasa, Finland

Drafted in 2006 by Washington, 97th overall. Osala is currently playing in the KHL with Mettallurg Magnitogorsk. He played 3 NHL games – 2 with Washington and 1 with Carolina.

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Oscar the Grouch

Born: 1969, Sesame Street

Never drafted, never played. But I hear he’s a big Rangers fan. Potentially could be related to Gritty.

Now I may have missed a few Oscars out there, or Oskars, and I certainly hope as the name was very popular in Sweden in the early 2000’s that we will indeed see many more talented players with this name in the very near future.

Until next time everyone – we might be looking into the name “Oliver” next.


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