The NHL offseason is in full swing, and this year goaltending was an issue to be addressed for many GM’s. There was no shortage of moves, panic or otherwise, and a few that left people scratching their head more than when we asked who the new guy coaching Detroit is. Either way some teams made some improvements, some took a gamble, and some just needed somebody to play. With that said, here’s a look at some of the major moves between the pipes. Matt Murray The Sens and Leafs made one of the biggest moves of the offseason, as the Sens sent Matt Murray andRead More →

With the NHL Trade Deadline fast approaching, and TV executives praying for anything of substance to fill air time, we take a look at the 32 teams and what they’re likely to do come deadline day.  Anaheim Ducks Embed from Getty Images Sell – They’ve accrued plenty of up and coming young talent, but are in need of several more pieces to return to their former perennial contender status. They got the ball rolling dealing Josh Manson to Colorado, and have more trade targets on the roster (Lindholm, Rakel), so expect new GM Pat Verbeek to put his stamp on his new squad quickly. DoesRead More →

It’s the holiday season and we here at the 4th Line are in a giving mood. We figured we’d share this generosity with the NHL teams and bring a little joy in these turbulent times. As we’re still negotiating a 4th Line merch deal, let’s see what else Santa Gritty has under the tree in the Metro Division: Carolina Hurricanes Cap Relief: Like a lot of teams with COVID issues the Canes have been hit, losing many of their top players, and could use some help from the league. They’re a strong contender, provided Freddy Andersen doesn’t get haunted by the ghosts of playoffs past,Read More →

Brodie’s Thoughts In the illustrious words of Homer Simpson “That was fast…” With the soccer world up in arms over the proposed Super League, comprised of six power house British Premier League clubs and a number of vaunted European squads, the guys recently discussed its incredibly tumultuous, and rapid demise. It did however yield some positives: the intriguing question of should North American sports adopt the relegation format of European leagues? It’s an entertaining prospect to think of, though ultimately about as pragmatic as wearing running shoes to play in the NHL. As the old adage goes, “The answer to all your questions is money.”Read More →

The North division is a dream that many Canadian hockey fans have been wanting for years. Well now they get it: all Canadian, all the time. With the Christmas holidays wrapping up and a brand new NHL season approaching faster than Santa’s sleigh, let’s review what the teams of the ‘North’ division had asked for from St. Nick, hoping something good under their hockey stick tree. Calgary Flames  On the Christmas List: Quality goaltending The C of Red were very productive during this off-season. Geoff Ward has been appointed full-time head coach after filling in amidst the Bill Peters scandal last season. Two big acquisitionsRead More →