The Vancouver Canucks are down and out in COVID protocol. With only 5 weeks left in the season, what are the choices for their schedule moving forward? Are there options for the NHL if they can’t play all of their games? Connor McDavid and Nathan MacKinnon both got fined the maximum amount for poor behaviour on the ice this week. Was the fine warranted or was it superstar treatment that should have been suspended? The Columbus Bluejackets enter the Elimination Station, begging 4 questions: 1) Where does Nick Foligno go? 2) Will Patrik Laine work out there? 3) Does one of their goalies get dealtRead More →

Officiating was the topic of the week in the NHL! Tim Peel made official what we all suspected: that referee’s don’t call the games fairly. Did the punishment fit the crime? Can any changes be expected from the league when it comes to calling penalties in the future? Eric Staal was dealt to the Montreal Canadiens. Does this mean that they think they’re a lock for the playoffs? Will Cole Caufield be joining the team? The New York Rangers have entered the Elimination Station. After fully breaking Carter Hart, what is next for them? With a fist full of prospects, do they need to changeRead More →

All it took was 12 loses, but the Buffalo Sabres finally fired Ralph Krueger. Where does Buffalo go from here? With the trade deadline a mere 3 weeks away, we explore some of the possible trade pieces, including Taylor Hall, Mattias Ekholm and the entire Detroit Red Wings. Where could they end up? The Calgary Flames find their way into the Elimination Station. With Darryl Sutter back coaching the team, what direction should the front office take building the roster? And does that direction include Johnny Gaudreau? We look back at the week that was the New York Islanders. What is it about this year’sRead More →

The NHL is back on ESPN! We explore what this means for the future of the NHL’s TV contract. With some fans back in the building, the Tampa Bay Lightning raise their Stanley Cup banner. Again. Was it really necessary? The Ottawa Senators are leaning into the sicko movement. Which begs the question: what is a sicko? The San Jose Sharks enter the Elimination Station it what turns out to be our toughest set of decisions yet. Lastly, we review the week that was for the Washington Capitals, as they wrap up their time as Nick’s Lidstrom. What has been the unexpected surprise of theRead More →

Another week, another Northern coach fired! Darryl Sutter is the back the coach of the Calgary Flames. Is this the right choice to turn this team around for a playoff push? Tom Wilson was suspended 7 games for his hit on Brandon Carlo. did the NHL get it right? What about the lack of suspension for Brett Pesce and Alex Ovechkin? Should they have been suspended? The NHL has put forward a proposal for changes to the NHL draft lottery. Will they fix what ails the draft lottery? This week’s Elimination Station team eliminated themselves from the playoffs, so why shouldn’t we? Looking back atRead More →

The NHL has a new promotion and it involves you! Claude Julien and Kirk Muller were fired as coaches of the Montreal Canadiens, replaced with Dominique Ducharme and Alex Burrows (?). Is this what will get the Habs into the playoffs or are larger issues at hand? Jordan Binnington threw a temper tantrum after getting pulled by the St. Louis Blues against the San Jose Sharks. What a sight to behold! Jack Eichel and the Buffalo Sabres are at odds yet again. How will this stand off end? With the NHL Trade Deadline just 6 weeks away, we look ahead for possible strategies for teamsRead More →

The NHL headed to Lake Tahoe and we discovered Gary Bettman’s true nemesis: the sun! With the ice melting in Lake Tahoe, was the outdoor by the lake experience a good one and should the NHL do it again? Accusations have been made against Artemi Panarin. What is next for the New York Rangers’ forward? The Nashville Predators have essentially placed the entire team on the track block. What can they expect to get and who legitimately could be dealt? Nico Hischier was named the captain of the New Jersey Devils. Was this the right choice? As the Chicago Blackhawks keep winning, we¬† wonder ifRead More →

A new week and another set of great games happened in the NHL! Alex Galchenyuk was traded TWICE this week. Did that satisfy Nick’s desire for a trade? Ron Hextall was hired as the General Manger of the Philadelphia Flyers. At the same time, Brian Burke was hired as the President of Hockey Operations. What does the mean for the future of the organization? There are rumored changes to the NHL draft lottery. What changes would make for a better draft lottery? It’s time for some Buy and Sell, featuring the Montreal Canadiens, Joe Pavelski and Marc-Andre Fleury. The New Jersey Devils enter the EliminationRead More →

The Carolina Hurricanes and Columbus Bluejackets entered unprecedented territory this week, featuring an offside challenge. Did the league make the right choice? As the NHL sees the number of players in COVID protocol rise, they are looking to see what they can do to get things under control. Is there an easy answer? Patrik Laine made his debut for the Columbus Bluejackets this week. Was he everything they’d hoped for? The Vancouver Canuck are struggling. What’s next for the club? And will they listen to our advise immediately? The Los Angeles Kings enter the Elimination Station. With the battle for the basement taking place inRead More →

The NHL has another round of COVID postponements, including the Vegas Golden Knights, Buffalo Sabres and the New Jersey Devils. The Sabres are upset about how they got into the COVID protocol situation. Do they have a right to be? Jim Rutherford is out as the GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins. What is next for the organization? Kevin Fiala was suspended for his hit on Matt Roy. Was it worthy of 3 games? The New York Rangers have a problem in the person of Tony DeAngelo. How did it get this far and where do they go from here? The Detroit Red Wings have beenRead More →