After a white-hot start, the Colorado Avalanche are beginning to look human again. Having started the season 6-1-2, the Avs have started to slip, going 1-2-0 in their last three contests. However disheartening that record may seem, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looks. Embed from Getty Images Tampa Bay Lightning The last three games started with a loss to Tampa Bay at home. Losing at home is never good, especially with how tight the Avs have played in Pepsi Center over the last twelve months – but there is good news here. Holding last year’s league leader in goals scored to one isRead More →

We are now two weeks into the 2018-19 season and the Colorado Avalanche are sitting on a record of 6-1-2. They are currently in second place in all of the NHL with 14 points, just behind the Nashville Predators due to the ROW tiebreaker. It’s incredibly exciting to see a team who has spent six of the first nine games on the road put together these performances, led by it’s first line and special teams units. OFFENSE If last season proved anything, it’s that Colorado knows how to win at home. However, it also left the team wondering what they’ll need to do to turnRead More →

Jalen Ramsey, the all-pro cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, stirred up a lot of negative attention from the hockey community with his comments at the end of August. In the NFL Preview Issue of ESPN The Magazine, Ramsey told ESPN’s Mina Kimes that with six months of training, he could probably crack the NHL. Now, even though this is in response to him discussing his stick handling from a background in lacrosse, it’s absolutely asinine. However, it did get me thinking which North American sports stars would be best on the ice, what positions they would play, and why. (It should be noted that IRead More →

The Colorado Avalanche started their 2018-2019 campaign at home against the Minnesota Wild this year. The team has a whole lot to be excited about between having found a WC spot last season with tons of potential left to build around and still having a chance at the first-overall pick in the Jack Hughes lottery. In order to look ahead to the upcoming season, it’s important that we go backwards first. The Colorado Avalanche were the Cinderella Story behind the Cinderella Story last year. In a season which saw the team go from the worst record in hockey to beating out the Blues for theRead More →