If you’ve read 2016’s Stat Shot, or any of Vollman’s previous Hockey Abstract books, then you pretty much already know what to expect from Hockey Abstract, and the 2017 edition sticks to the tried and tested formula. That method is pretty straight forward; start with a question, then look for the answer using statistics. The foreword by Sportsnet’s Rob Kerr sets the scene well and establishes the dynamic between the reader and authors. Vollman’s own opening is warm and gives an endearing insight into the process behind producing the content that you’ll soon be diving into.  The book’s intent is made clear pretty early on,Read More →

… Then let The4thLinePodcast.com be your lighthouse in the fog of confusion. Firstly, just don’t. Why not stick with your current team?All relationships go through stressful periods, but you need to work on it. Remember all the good times you had and focus on next season. Sometimes it’s all give, give, give and you get nothing in return. Maybe treat yourself to one of the new Adidas jerseys. Be proud to wear those colours. Just remember if you wear another team’s colours, then you’re opening the door to ridicule. Maybe give counselling a chance. Embed from Getty Images If you absolutely have to pick aRead More →

The Detroit Red Wings have have long struggled to maintain a capable defensive corp. The days of Nicklas Lidstrom and Chris Chelios feel like a lifetime ago. It would be unfair to place all of the Wings’ faults squarely on the blue line, but inconsistency is the only factor that’s been consistent at the Joe Louis. But a line has been drawn and while the desperately needed complete rebuild probably won’t happen; Ken Holland‘s free agency shopping has potentially calmed the storm. Embed from Getty Images On paper Trevor Daley feels like a great addition. Daley, 33 has just won back-to-back Stanley Cups Stanley Cups,Read More →

As the NHL continued to expand, it was time to add more teams to existing markets. On December 10th 1992, two new franchises were awarded and 1993 saw the addition of two new teams. Florida Panthers Considering that the NHL had first expanded into Florida just one year prior, the league felt that Tampa Bay and Sunrise were far enough apart to offer each team their own fanbase. Maybe because the Retirement State is a pretty big place, or maybe it was just that Wayne Huizenga had $50 million going spare. Remember this was the 90s and Blockbuster was still relevant. Kids, go ask yourRead More →

Have you ever seen a transaction so weird that you must have dreamed it, or at least woken up in some sort of parallel universe? That was my first thought when I saw the Colorado Avalanche had signed former number one draft pick Nail Yakupov. Having spent four seasons languishing in Edmonton, Yakupov’s trade to the St. Louis Blues in October 2016 seemed to be the 23 year old’s last chance saloon. His last shot at redemption and avoiding that dreaded ‘draft bust’ label that’s been stalking him. Embed from Getty Images After failing to find regular ice time in St. Louis, Yakupov’s season was eventuallyRead More →

In a pillaging the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Vikings ransacked England in 793; the Vegas Golden Knights ran roughshod across the NHL in their expansion draft. The war was fought across the battlefield of Twitter, and the existing teams were forced to offer tributes, like some weird, ice-based Hunger Games. On a balmy Wednesday night in Las Vegas, General George McPhee‘s forces swept in, conscripting a team and forcing them to wear gaudy armor. From that night came winners and losers: some teams hold their heads high, others, like this metaphor, have been left in disarray. Winners Marc-Andre Fleury Embed fromRead More →

In the 2017-18 season Adidas is now the official supplier of jerseys for the NHL, and with that comes brand new jerseys for all 31 teams in the league. With new sweaters for everyone, that means that they won’t all be hits. Certainly, some teams uniforms change slightly, while some had more dramatic changes. But in the end, which are good and which are not? You can decide for yourself, as we play a game of “Hot or Not”! For these images and more for the rest of the teams, head to NHL.com. Detroit Red Wings Joe – Not New building, new core, same oldRead More →