“Quiet Ice is a phrase used to characterize a sliver of playing surface goal-scorers love to find because it’s unguarded by opposing players and can be used to rip off a good, quick shot. It is not, as some had understandably assumed, a reference to any place where Sean Avery isn’t.” (Source, the Hockey News) In the new spirit of NHL gambling, I’m calling this the “over and under” — but instead, the over and underrated. We’re questioning some of the reputed best in the game and shining the light on some who are lurking in the quiet ice throughout the Metro. So, lace upRead More →

The question isn’t whether or not Joe Thornton can return — he can; the question is, should he? And it’s high time — not only for Sharks and NHL fans who mostly love Jumbo Joe — but for Sharks management and coaching staff to seriously consider it, before he does return. Because he will. Knee surgery #1 – April 2017 Thornton had knee surgery number one in April 2017. What stood out to me during the ensuing games that spring was the contrast between the media narrative and what I saw on the ice. The talk was all about the hope for a returning Jumbo,Read More →