Best Sports Movie Bracket – Rd. 1 – #3 vs #6

With the world going through a COVID-19 related sports withdrawal, it’s time to escape to the world of film to get our fix in! And since there aren’t any sports to compete in, it’s time to find out what the best sports movie of all time is! We’ve broken all movies into 4 different themed divisions of 8 teams each: Hockey, Baseball, Football and Fighting and The Rest. For the 1st Round, we’ll be looking at specific seeds each day. Today: The 3 seed vs the 6 seed.

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Hockey: #3 Goon vs #6 Mighty Ducks

By Scotty Hicks

An old classic, chocked-full of childhood nostalgia pitted against a recent favorite. This match up has everything: fights, a DUI, a dishonest girlfriend, dog poop antics, more fights and a seemingly homeless child. Really though, these are two great stories that are both worth a watch.

Goon, currently on Netflix, is based on a true story of bartender Doug Smith (Glatt in the film) and his rise through the fighting ranks of minor pro hockey.

Lots of blood and fights. Writer and producer Jay Baruchel does a fine job with the small hockey details and exploits the right amount of caricaturization from several different hockey stereotypes.

The Mighty Ducks, currently on Hulu, is the classic hockey movie from my childhood and many other thirty-somethings out there. I still cannot watch Emilo Estevez (Coach Bombay) in any other film without linking it into The Mighty Ducks Universe, which is confusing with Young Guns, but somehow it works. Regardless, The Mighty Ducks is the classic rags (literally) to riches tale that can inspire any rink rat to keep playing. 

Countless days my brother and I would roleplay Conway and Banks on the frozen driveway taking down the dreaded Hawks. While some may say The Mighty Ducks is just a poor man’s The Sandlot, I believe it is a true champion in its own right. The “quack chant” and the Flying V… simply iconic.

Winner – The Mighty Ducks

Baseball: #3 Sandlot vs #6 The Bad News Bears

By Carl Landra

Two different stories of teams coming together to become better individually and collectively, one on the sandlot and the other in the Southern California Youth Baseball League. But which makes for the better movie?

When Scotty Smalls moves to California, he doesn’t have any friends or baseball ability. But all that changes when he discovers the Sandlot. This group of boys spend summers like many of us did, on the ball field. The only problem? The Beast.

With The Beast looming behind the centerfield wall, baseballs are scarce. Luckily, Smalls finds his stepdad’s signed Babe Ruth ball to use. Bad idea. Smalls finds that nothing brings the boys together like trying to get the signed Babe Ruth ball back from the beast.

On the other hand, The Bad News Bears tells the tale of the worst team in the league, being led by a former minor leaguer doing his best to figure out what it takes to lead a hopeless team.

Turns out that isn’t as easy. The worst players in the league make for the worst team and the reasons behind that are unique for each kid. It’s a fantastic story to see this team learn how to play and be a team, with some laughs along the way.

Winner – The Sandlot. I have to pick between these two movies? You’re killing me Smalls! Sandlot wins this one as it tells a tale that so many of us have experienced. The community ball field was a great place to meet and make friends, getting together to spend the days together. A problem like trying to get a ball back from The Beast would be the perfect task to take up the summer days, and The Sandlot captures it perfectly.

Football and Fighting: #3 Rudy vs #6 Any Given Sunday

By Avery Cochrane

Both are football stories and that is where the similarities end.

Rudy is the great story of an underdog college player trying to make the team against all the odds. Pushing forward and never gives up. With so many downs during his life he over comes every challenge. The chants of “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy” coming from the crowd as he finally makes his much awaited step onto the gridiron. 

As Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger lived out his dream of becoming a player for the University of Notre Dame. This was a moving moment for all movie goers and sports fans that will not be forgotten any time soon.  A sports masterpiece and a true winner! 

Any Given Sunday is a fun fictional story of a nobody getting a lucky break and making the most of the opportunity and then squandering his talents with an inflated ego. This look into a professional football team makes you think, man is this how pro players really act, I hope now.

Watching this I was really hoping for a moment where I could cheer for Willy Beaman, but he just made it hard for me to do that. 

Winner – Rudy. Rudy was such a good movie I was even cheering for Sean Austin when he was helping Frodo bring the ring to Mordor. When he picked Frodo up I was cheering Rudy in my head at the theater.

The Rest: #3 Caddyshack vs #6 Cool Runnings

By Ed Palumbo

For the fans of Saturday Night Live’s earliest cast, Caddyshack, the 1980 slap-stick comedy classic, features a slew of quirky one-liners (mostly from the likes of Chevy Chase and Bill Murray) and a storyline that serves no real purpose.

The film follows Danny, a young golf caddy at his local high-end country club, who is trying to figure out his future. With advice from the club pro, Ty Webb (Chase) and an opportunity to compete for the club’s college caddy scholarship, Danny is faced with a few obstacles along the way.

Meanwhile, the club itself encounters its share of issues. Carl (Murray), the club groundskeeper, faces off with a pesky gopher, and Judge Smails develops a rivalry with club newcomer and construction mogel Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield). Danny is stuck in the middle of all the fun, and in the end… well… the story means almost nothing to the viewer.

The real treats with Caddyshack are the awkward, odd and overall entertaining interactions between the characters who fit the same description — many of which were ad-libbed.

So, it’s got that going for it… which is nice… (To butcher a famous quote from Carl…)

Led by another famous comedy legend from the 80’s (John Candy), Disney’s 1993 classic was loosely based on the true story of actual Olympic history. While liberties were taken in the re-telling, Cool Runnings, even today, makes for some great family fun.

Derice Bannock is a hopeful Olympic sprinter poised to represent Jamaica in the 100-meter race, but when an unfortunate trip and fall in the last qualifying race ends his dream, he turns to Irv (Candy) — a washed-up and shunned Winter Olympic gold medalist — to start the country’s first ever Olympic bobsled team. Along with fellow bobsled noobs, Sanka, Junior and Yul (Brenner… odd choice for a name), the team hilariously adapts to the foreign sport, and even qualifies to compete.

Aside from the jokes and memorable lines (“Sanka, ya dead?”… “Ya man…”), Cool Runnings provides its own tear-jerker moments too. Derice’s Olympic dreams, Irv’s career mistakes, Junior’s rich daddy troubles, and of course, the struggles to maintain their identity while trying to be accepted in the caucasian-dominated bobsled community all combine to make for a sports movie classic.

Winner – Cool Runnings. This is a tough one… the 80’s crude humor classic or the 90’s Disney feel-good story? Honestly, it’s a close battle, but when I think of the list of best sports movies of all time…

“I see pride. I see power. I see a bad-ass motha’, that don’t take no crap off of nobody!”

Cool Runnings.

It’s a quote from Cool Runnings.

I chose Cool Runnings.

Look in the mirror. What do YOU see?

We’ve had our say, now it’s your turn! Vote in the Twitter polls and decide who moves onto the next round. See you next time, when we start round 2!

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