Brian Boyle: Warrior On and Off the Ice

Brian Boyle is listed as a towering six foot seven inches center. That alone is impressive but it’s his heart and determination is what makes him a truly special player. That is why when on September 19th it rocked the hockey world to hear Boyle and his new team, the New Jersey Devils, announce that he had been diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML).

True to form Boyle said “My mindset is on Oct. 7. I don’t like missing games. I feel as close to normal as you can feel,” from the Devils twitter account.

Here at the 4th Line we are a fan of the little things and Boyle does all those things. If you need a face-off won in the any of the three zones, he is your guy. If you need someone to kill a penalty, he is out there. If you lose a defender and need someone to play defense from your forward core… you guessed it, he is your man. That’s why the 32 year old has done so well in his time in the league. After initially being drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in the 2003 entry draft, he played four seasons at Boston College before making his NHL debut against his current team.

Since the 2008 season Boyle has been a part of five different NHL teams, finding success at every stop, making the Stanley Cup Finals with the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning. Last season with, Tampa Bay having an injury plagued season, he was traded to Toronto helping a youthful Toronto Maple Leafs team make it into the playoffs and give the Washington Capitals a run for their money in the first round.

That’s why us at the 4th Line we are pulling for Brian as he continues to battle on and off the ice and hope that this was caught early enough where he can do as he wants. Lace up his skates on October 7th and pull over his Devils jersey and make his impact known in Newark and around the National Hockey League.

If you have any comments or feedback feel free to reach out to the 4th Line on Twitter or if you have a moment in your day or want to share your own success story fighting a battle, or just want to send your well wishes tweet at Brian Boyle @BriBrows22 .

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