Mike Laybourne recently wrote a piece about the struggles of the Colorado Avalanche. The facts of his article are impossible to deny. The Avalanche do currently sit at 5-7-0. Semyon Varlamov does currently have a 0.881 save percentage in 8 starts. Matt Duchene is the only player on the team with more than 3 goals. Andrew Ladd did score. Twice. So, is Mike right? Are the Avs a bust? No. They’re not. And I’ll continue to tell myself that until they’re eliminated from the playoffs in late March. The team is 29th overall in goals for per game and 24th overall in goals against per game.Read More →

By now it’s probably journalistic cliche to say ‘if the season ended today’, but it’s still a fun exercise and I’m not a journalist. Besides, who hasn’t gone on to the Wildcard standings on NHL.com recently and thought ‘What if”? I’m looking at you, Edmonton fans. Of course the season has barely just begun, some teams have only played 11 games, but early season form can still give a good insight into what the rest of the season may bring. For example, it’s not exactly a devastating hot-take to say that the Arizona Coyotes aren’t going to make the playoffs. 82 games is as manyRead More →