Brodie’s Thoughts In the illustrious words of Homer Simpson “That was fast…” With the soccer world up in arms over the proposed Super League, comprised of six power house British Premier League clubs and a number of vaunted European squads, the guys recently discussed its incredibly tumultuous, and rapid demise. It did however yield some positives: the intriguing question of should North American sports adopt the relegation format of European leagues? It’s an entertaining prospect to think of, though ultimately about as pragmatic as wearing running shoes to play in the NHL. As the old adage goes, “The answer to all your questions is money.”Read More →

When the Tim Peel news broke, my immediate reaction was one of shock and surprise. Not that game management and make-up calls happen, but that this was somehow a surprise to a lot of people. Game management by officials has been part of the sport for a long, long time and while there’s an argument that it shouldn’t be, there’s a stronger argument that it should. Embed from Getty Images In a sport where every game is televised, officials are more under the microscope than ever before. Slow motion, multi-angle replays allow every call/missed call to be analyzed in minute detail. Often conveniently ignoring theRead More →

NHL hockey is back, and at time of writing has yet to be postponed/cancelled. With the divisional shakeups, we wanted to look at what the most exciting match-up is in each division. Which series of games will be most entertaining to watch? Which old rivalries have been reignited? Let’s take a look: North Division Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames The Battle of Alberta is the most fierce of all hockey rivalries, in Alberta. Since October 1980, the Edmonton Oilers have been duking it out with the slightly more westerly Calgary Flames. For the record Calgary have the edge historically, and mostly battered the Oilers lastRead More →