As summer drags its lazy backside into fall, we can all rejoice at the impending return of the NHL. Here at 4th Line Towers we can’t wait to watch some proper hockey again. This year we’re approaching our previews in a different way; the word count for each team’s preview has been dictated by the number of points that team scored last season. To further mix things up, we’ve divvied up the teams between our writers. Let the Pacific division preview begin! Vegas Golden Knights – Mike Laybourne 2017/18: 109 points Embed from Getty Images The sophomore season, the difficult second album… whichever way youRead More →

As a Canadian born in December, Drew Doughty’s chances of becoming a first round draft pick were slim. Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers isn’t a hockey book, but it does open with a chapter about hockey players and ‘relative age effect’. The point the chapter makes is that players born at the start of the year are more likely to be successful, because they’re closest in age to the previous year’s eligibility cut-off in junior hockey. This quirk of fate¬†means that players will get more attention from coaches and as such will develop into better players¬†For more insight into this, and how nothing has changed sinceRead More →