On pace for their worst season since the 1996-1997 season (excluding the half season played after the 2012-2013 lockout), the Sens need a face lift. Twelve games into the season with a 5-2-5 record, they had 15 out of a possible 24 points which was above .500, the team looked a little shaky but they showed a lot of promise. Derick Brassard and Mark Stone looked like one of the best duo in the NHL. Stone was looking like the All Star he is and Kyle Turris was still in a Sens jersey. With 5 OT loses it was just a matter of tweaking aRead More →

At this point of the season, the playoff picture is all but clear. Some teams aren’t going anywhere but some teams. have all but cemented their spots and other teams won’t go down without a fight. The teams that are in a position to lose their seat and the teams still clawing away to make the playoffs, all need a little tweaking if they want to get/stay there. New York Rangers 6th in the Metropolitan division, one point behind the Islanders who hold the second wild card spot, but the Rangers still have one game at hand . Second last in the NHL for SA/GPRead More →

Welcome to the newest series on the 4th Line! This is a series where I will be looking at the top 5 draft steals. Now these won’t always just be the 6th and 7th rounders of a draft. My aim here is to find some of the best players of the draft that weren’t taken where they should have been. This means there may be late first rounders, or second rounders included. With this in mind let’s start our first draft, 2010! Honourable Mention – Petr Mrazek, Round 5, 141st Overall: I am giving Petr Mrazek an honourable mention here because finding a possible starterRead More →

If I was to build an NHL team from scratch, I would start by looking at centers. It’s a tough position play and maybe the hardest to acquire. So today let’s dive into my top 10 centers in the NHL which I ranked using 3 main variables. The first is power-play prowess, which is how well players produce weighted points and shots on the power-play. The second is their offence which considers their ability to drive play offensively, produce points, and draw penalties. The final is their defense, which is a mix of their shot and expected goal suppression, ability to not take penalties, winRead More →

Now that we are around the halfway point of the NHL season, teams are about to begin looking forward to their trade deadline moves so they can load up for the playoffs. This means we are about to hear that nearly every competitive team is looking for “A top 6 scoring forward” and a “Top 4 puck moving defenseman”. The best GMs don’t wait until the final minute of the trade deadline to make their moves, which means teams should be getting to work pretty soon. For once it is a great time to be looking for that coveted top 6 forward as there areRead More →

Good contracts can help a team save money, and spend elsewhere, making them a much better and more dangerous team, while bad contracts can do the exact opposite, making teams have to save money elsewhere. Today I will be looking at the 10 worst NHL contracts. I am trying to take into account length left on the contract. So contracts that only have a year left got excluded, because it’s very likely it won’t hurt the team too much. I also decided to leave off contract extensions that haven’t kicked in yet. This was to make things easier. So guys like Price, and Jones didn’tRead More →