The Olympics are but a memory, all the medals have been handed out and the grandstands have been dismantled. That’s it for another four years. We’ll see you in Beijing in 2022. But will we see NHL players? Does it matter if we don’t? Cards on the table: I’ve already said on this website that the NHL should take a break so its players can represent at the Winter Olympics. My position hasn’t changed. The fear, when the decision was announced, was that teams would be hamstrung by the denial of top talent. This concern was mostly North American-centric, understandable given that 70.7% of NHLersRead More →

The men’s round robin part of the hockey tournament has just finished, and the women’s competition is well into the knockout stages. It’s time to step back and reflect on some of the lessons learned in the first rounds at Pyongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. It’s OAR’s World, We Just Live In It It’s no hot take to say the Olympic Athletes of Russia team are good. Despite restrictions on NHL players, the OAR coaches had the pick of the KHL’s finest, a lot of whom have considerable NHL experience, including two-time Stanley Cup winners Slava Voynov and Pavel Datsyuk, also zero-time cup winner Ilya Kovalchuk.Read More →