If I was to build an NHL team from scratch, I would start by looking at centers. It’s a tough position play and maybe the hardest to acquire. So today let’s dive into my top 10 centers in the NHL which I ranked using 3 main variables. The first is power-play prowess, which is how well players produce weighted points and shots on the power-play. The second is their offence which considers their ability to drive play offensively, produce points, and draw penalties. The final is their defense, which is a mix of their shot and expected goal suppression, ability to not take penalties, winRead More →

The Holidays are almost here, and I have decided to switch up from my regular thoughts on the Sens. I am focusing on ranking teams 1-15 on how likely it is they win the Stanley Cup. “Technically” speaking no teams are eliminated from playoff contention yet. So for this edition I will be ranking all 15 teams in the Western Conference. If you missed the East you can check it out here! Teams With No Chance These are the teams that just don’t have a chance of making playoffs, let alone winning a cup. 15. Arizona Coyotes This seems like a very easy one. CurrentlyRead More →

The Vegas Golden Knights came into their inaugural season with absolutely no expectations. Seemingly everyone, including myself, thought they would have no business being close to the playoff picture. This was because they were supposed to have a weak forward core and be a complete wasteland up the middle en route to a lottery pick. But now, two months into the season they are an above 50% shot share team with an estimated 59% chance of making the playoffs. If this was going to be possible coming into the year I would have guessed it would be on the back of great goaltending and James Neal. WhileRead More →

With a quarter of the NHL’s 2017/18 season already under its belt, it’s time to take a look back and reflect on how the teams are performing at this early stage. Given that less is more, especially in today’s TL:DR society, I wanted to mix things up a little. Instead of the usual review format, we’ll be looking at each team using the form of the Haiku poem. Last time we looked at the teams in the Eastern Conference, today it’s the turn of the west! Anaheim Ducks Embed from Getty Images Getzlaf and Kesler Both injured, Ducks make odd trades Must do better nowRead More →

The Vancouver Canucks are a team that many (including myself) expected to be a lottery team. Not only this year, but in future years as well. As of the time of writing this they are in the 2nd wild card spot with 26 points in 24 games played. Now, their advanced stats suggest they may still partially be playing over their head. However, give them credit because they are playing much better than most expected. Embed from Getty Images There are a few reasons for this. New coach Travis Green seems to have implemented a solid system that is working. They also had a veryRead More →