Do you ever hope that your team is the one that signs that big free agent in July?  Are you hoping that Brent Burns or Ben Bishop comes sliding through the doors and becomes that last piece your team desperately needs for that long cup run?  There might be one slight problem.  If your team is only one or two pieces away from becoming that Stanley Cup favorite it also means that your team could be close to the cap.  If you head on over to Cap Geek General Fanager NHL.Com (I forgot that nobody cares about this, right Bettman?) Cap Friendly there are severalRead More →

10 Straight Losing Seasons Leaves Quite a Stench The Oilers Stink. It’s a thing. Like a bad garbage dump, you can smell it 3 towns over on a hot day and the wind blows right. The kind of repugnance that curls your nose hairs, tears the eyes and recoils the mind. A smell so foul, you can’t escape it – and it’s clung to the team for almost 10 years. 10 YEARS! 10 years out of the playoffs, 10 years of bad signings, 10 years of poor drafting, 10 years of former dynasty players running the team (into the ground), 10 years of bad injuries,Read More →