The NHL Draft Lottery is here! With the Detroit Red Wings having the best odds at the first overall pick. How does Nick handle the outcome? Kevyn Adams was named the GM of the Buffalo Sabres. But why did the front office changes even happen? The Hockey Hall of Fame welcomed Jarome Iginla, Marian Hossa, Kim St-Pierre, Ken Holland, Kevin Lowe and Doug Wilson to their ranks. Were they all worthy? As players begin to return ahead of training camp opening July 10, how much do the fans deserve to know about players’ health? All this and more on episode 285 of the 4th LineRead More →

With a couple weeks away from the show, The 4th Line is back! Phase 1 of the NHL return to work has started! So we can be excited, right? Well, it led to players and staff testing positive for COVID. So, can the league do this? Vegas has been selected as one of the hub cities for the NHL playoffs. Who else is on the table as a hub city? What makes Vegas a good choice? What could NHL broadcasts look like with no fans in the arena? The choices are endless! The Quarantine Corner takes us to the barber shop! All this and moreRead More →

The NHL has actual news, so we’re back!   With a weird NHL playoff coming, should there be an asterisk next to it? And more importantly, how do you say asterisk? There are multiple questions to be had about playoff seeding. Is this the best way? And if the seeding isn’t confusing enough, wait until we try to explain the NHL draft lottery! Is Stevie Nick happy with the results for his Red Wings? What about conditional draft picks? What happens with them? With the NHL clamoring for content, we have ideas! The Quarantine Corner brings us to the world of mascots! Who is theRead More →

We are back and there is news in the NHL!   The 24 team NHL playoff format has been announced, if it’s possible to happen. With 24 teams in it, who are the winners and losers of this setup? Is it a fair setup? What would the first round of the playoffs look like? The return to play procedures have been announced as well. What will hockey look like when it return? The NHL draft has some more rumors. Are they worth believing? We enter the Quarantine Corner looking at dog walkers, moving to a new country and changing dates. All this and more onRead More →

The NHL continues to near decisions. We might have news soon! The NHL Board of Governors met this week to discuss the options surrounding the NHL draft and the options for the remainder of the NHL season.  What will the draft look like? Is it fair and equitable? What are some of the potential options for returning to play? The Quarantine Corner is back with questions about beards, mullets, your worst moments and how to find hope in a dark place called “Ottawa”. Make sure to send us your quarantine questions at! All this and more on episode 280 of the 4th Line HockeyRead More →

After a week away for moving related reasons, we’ve moved back into the podcast studio! The NHL is nearing a decision on if, how and when they can return to action. In the last two weeks, is there more or less confidence in the NHL finishing this season? Dustin Byfuglien and the Winnipeg Jets came to terms on a agreement to terminate his contract. What’s next for Dusty? The Columbus Blue Jackets have locked up their goaltending tandem of Elvis Merzlikins and Joonas Korpisalo for two more years. What does that do for the team moving forward? Marco Scandella started also signed a contract extension.Read More →

After a failed attempt at a Zoom hangout with listeners, Carl and Nick pick up the pieces and carry on. NBC has been showing old Stanley Cup Final games, but is the best content watching people watch old Stanley Cup Final games? The NHLPA rolled out their player poll, so we get to find out who players think are the best/worst trash talkers, the best social media follow and how exactly they love Sidney Crosby. Lastly, with the NHL regular season likely cancelled, who should win the key awards? We predict the winners of the Hart, Norris, Vezina and Calder trophies. All this and moreRead More →

At a time when supporting our communities is important, head over to our Podchaser and leave a review as we join in doing our part to help those in need during COVID-19. Nick has found the script for The Beer League! Our part of it. Tune in as we dive into the world of Paul, The Brewin’s and The Jagr Bombs. The NHL is trying to find a solution to how to finish the season. PK Subban wants to let all 31 teams into the playoffs. While the current prevailing idea is to host the games in North Dakota, but a horse, a sandbox andRead More →

Nick has good news and bad news. The script for his pilot is missing, but he found the notes! The guys fill in the blanks of the pilot as Paul and the Brewins try to take home beer league supremacy. It’s also time for the final Elimination Station of the season. But it cannot be decided who should make it: the Columbus Bluejackets or the New York Islanders. So how about both? What steps are needed for each of these organizations moving forward? What can be done to give Mathew Barzal some help? Do we believe in Elvis Merzlikins? All this and more on episodeRead More →

Another week without sports and another week of finding out what that means? The 2020 Olympics are officially postponed. What uncharted territory does this lead us into? The NHL released an FAQ regarding the season shut down this week, including several details including a training camp schedule before hockey returns and the impact for next season. Yes, they might be tied for the last playoff spot, but the Vancouver Canucks have officially entered The Elimination Station powered by Park Power. Can the Canucks overcome years of bad moves and be on the right path? What are you doing to pass the time without the NHLRead More →