Episode 113 – The Eli Waterfalls

The guys are back as they start the show by trying to figure out which NHL player has a career that mirrors that of Eli Manning. They also:

– wrap up the 2017 World Junior Championships
– preview the changes to jerseys next season, including the removal of 3rd jerseys
– find out how sad the Avs make Carl, including some trade talk
– talk All Star Game captains and pick their own Western division teams
– learn how Gary Bettman screwed us this week
– relive the Blue Jackets winning streak and decide how they’ll fare the rest of the way
– talk who’s in and who’s out of the playoffs halfway through the season

The Pavel Bure’s of the Week are decided and more!

Tweet, Facebook or email us your answer to this week’s Hi Sticking question. Who is the NHL equivalent of Eli Manning?


Intro music by Erik Hall of Shoot the Shred podcast

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