Episode 99 – The School Yard Teams

The guys are back as they talk about Team Europe facing off against Canada in the World Cup of Hockey. Is Canada going to perform as well as Carl and Joel think they will? Jacob Trouba requested a trade out of Winnipeg. Will he get it and if so, where will he go?

This week’s show includes their preview of the Atlantic division, including:

  • How much better will the Leafs be with their new young talent, like Auston Matthews?
  • How many of the Sabres young players, like Sam Reinhart, will continue to improve?
  • Does the return of Carey Price mean a return to the playoffs for the Canadiens?
  • Outside of Erik Karlsson, is there anyone for Senators fans to have hope?
  • Will Boston’s veteran roster, with the addition of David Backes, be good enough?
  • With the new era of the Red Wings quickly approaching, can they rebuild on the fly?
  • How much longer will Tampa continue to be good as the attempt to keep all of their young players?
  • With Luongo on the mend, can the Panthers return to the top of the Atlantic division?

Lastly, they select their squads for the fantasy hockey league, school yard style.

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