Flashback Friday – May 13 – May 19

Jump into the 4th Line time machine and let’s take a ride into hockey’s storied past.

May 16th, 1996 – Double OT Thriller

The Detroit Red Wings would finish the regular season 62-13-7, with the Presidents trophy in hand and the clear favorite to go all the way. The Wings would have a disappointing post season. Detroit would take a 4-2 series win against the Winnipeg Jets. This would set up a Western Conference Semi Final against division rival St. Louis Blues. Detroit would take each of the first two contests, with a respective score of 3-2 and 8-3. The Red Wings were flying high and only two games from a WCF berth. The Blues would go onto win the next three setting up a must win for Detroit. Goaltender Chris Osgood’s steller performance and ultimate 4-2 victory in game six, setting up a must see Game 7. Its game seven in “Hockeytown” and regulation play is over, its 0-0. fast forward to the end of the first overtime and its still…0-0. We’re now in double OT.

Steve Yzerman makes a beautiful pass to Sergei Fedorov in front of the net but the Blues backup net minder Jon Casey, stones him to keep the game tied. A few minutes later NHL legend Wayne Gretzky would turn the puck over in the neutral zone. “The Captain” Steve Yzerman picked up the loose puck and advanced toward the opposing blue line. As Yzerman crosses the line he lets go a slap shot. Nothing was spectacular about this shot but it beat Casey clean blocker side. The game was over and Detroit would advance to the WCF against soon to be rival Colorado Avalanche. This remarkable moment in the Detroit Red Wings  playoff run would go down as one of the greatest moments in Detroit sports history.

May 15th, 1926 – The New York Rangers are born

Tex Rickard, founder of the New York Rangers was granted the franchise in 1926. All thought the team would originally be named the “Giants” they would settle on “Rangers” before the franchise was finalized. Conn Smythe who was planned to be the first assembler of the team, was fired before the start of the season. The rangers found immediate success., winning the American division title the first year. They would go onto lose to the Boston bruins in the first round. The following year the New York Rangers would become Stanley Cup champions. Beating the Montreal Maroons with a 3-2 series victory.  The Rangers would later win two more Stanley Cup’s in the next twelve short years.

May 20th, 1975 – Bat Attack

Game 3, Stanley Cup Finals. The Philadelphia Flyers are facing off against the Buffalo Sabres.  At some point during three game a bat started dive bombing the players. Jim Lorentz would reach up and smack the bat with his stick. The bat fell to the ice and was dead. A Flyers player quickly grabbed the bat at disposed of it in the visiting penalty box. For one reason or another fog would later delay the game. The Flyers would go onto win this haunted overtime match 5-4.


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