Hi Sticking Mid March Update

We’re half way through March and so far we have a dead heat at the top of the Hi Sticking standings! With teams fighting for playoff spot, it’s time for the players to perform, and all of you playing Hi Sticking are stepping up as well. Every new episode of the show we pick our Pavel Bure Must Watch Games, so listen to the show for the new games and play along on Twitter.

How it works

For those new to the game, for every Pavel Bure Must Watch Game you get to pick the game winning goal scorer, 1 player for each team.  Starting in March we have a new scoring system. If you pick the game winning goal scorer, you get 3 points. If the guy you picked has the first assist on the winner, you get 2 points. If the guy you picked has the second assist on the winner, you get 1 point.


The Standings

Clantastic 14
nickseguin19 14
DRDiabloTHW 13
Kagey_ 10
Mikelaybourne 10
SlewfootFred 9
AndrewGForbes 8
deimeke03 8
imken24 8
kmaemaeier 8
nhlcanesfans 8
TheeRyanKearns 7
ReasonsAre 6
BuddAndreas 3
ChrisMaierBC 3
JoeMartini90 3
floweringsnows 2



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