Pavel Bure’s of the Week Hi Sticking – Nov. 10, 2016

On last week’s episode it was a great pleasure to be joined by Dan Rice as we had our first guest Pavel Bure selections of the season. It was more of a pleasure for Carl who got to have his Avalanche picked, without being a homer. We’re early into this session’s games, so there is lots of time to mount a comeback. Even if you just start playing now, you aren’t out of it!

How it works

For those new to the game, for every Pavel Bure Must Watch Game you get to pick 1 player for each team who you think will score the game winning goal. If you pick the game winning goal scorer, you get 2 points. If the guy you picked assists on the winner, you get 1 point.

The Standings

BShareCohen 5
TheeRyanKearns 4
Mikelaybourne 3
Clantastic 3
ClumsyerOne 2
Kagey_ 2
DRDiabloTHW 2
ChrisMaierBC 2
AndrewGForbes 2
efrommer 2
Gwen_Deyoung 2
JoeMartini90 2
ReasonsAre 2
JoelASchnell 1
CactusOnIce 1
bluenotebacker 1
cjmilroy 1

The Next Games

To wrap up this week, we’ll be picking GWG scorers for:

Winnipeg Jets vs Arizona Coyotes; Thursday, Nov. 10; 9 PM ET

New Jersey Devils vs Buffalo Sabres; Friday, Nov. 11; 7 PM ET

Anaheim Ducks vs Nashville Predators; Saturday, Nov 12; 8 PM ET

Boston Bruins vs Colorado Avalanche; Sunday, Nov 13; 7 PM ET



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