Jersey Spotlight: Carolina Hurricanes 2019-2020 Away

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken” is a timeless saying. We apply it to the radical change of person, thing, or idea where it’s entirely unnecessary. This case is up for debate as the Carolina Hurricanes have gone a very different route with their newest incarnation of their away jersey. Let’s take a look at this fresh out of the oven piece.


The Carolina Hurricanes have hyped this jersey up for weeks now on social media, and we finally get to see the end result. And it’s…. something. A stray from the already quality away jerseys have graced us with a jersey that is sure to divide the fans. It has its faults and it has its high points. The only way to pick a side of defector or defender is to take a closer look at this tarp.

The Jersey

Where to begin? A solid white jersey with “CANES” sprawled diagonally across the front torso a la the New York Rangers. Inside the C sits the warning flag squares the team has become synonymous with. Bare shoulders with the alternate, warning flag crest, on the shoulders with a thin red collar. Red piping with a black outline sit on the elbows and a very unnoticeable red piping on the wrists. The Warning flag piping along the bottom of the torso makes a very welcome appearance on the away jersey. Classic numbering and lettering seem to be the only callback to last years jerseys on the upcoming piece.


This jersey is going to either be loved or hated. I personally adore this jersey right off the bat. I’m sure others will come around once they have been around for a while. The bold diagonal lettering in place of a crest is a fresh change of pace, especially for an away jersey, as are the bare shoulders. But it’s not a total deviation as the original numbering and nameplate font returns and the flag piping makes its way to the away tarp to accompany the home piece. It’s definitely going to take time for some to get used to this jersey, but it’s not the absolute worst thing I have ever seen.


Color: 9/10

Style: 7/10

Crest: 8/10

Wearability: 9/10

Final Verdict: 8.25/10

This is not a bad jersey. But it’s not the best. The only way to get a real taste of this piece will be to see it on the ice. Maybe once we see Nino Niederreiter making nifty moves or Petr Mrazek pulling off a miracle save in this jersey, we’ll come to appreciate it for what it is: different. A lot of teams’ recent alternates or rebranded home/away pieces seem to lack ambition. And that’s exactly what the Hurricanes are showing here. It’s an ambitious jersey trying to express the teams “bunch of jerks” reputation and personality. I have a feeling this jersey will be making an appearance in my closet some time very soon.


  1. A lot of people hated the new black third jerseys when they came out as well, but now a lot of folks are wanting it made the Canes’ primary home jersey. Once people get used to the new uniform and see it on the ice, I think a lot more fans will get on board with it.

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