Jersey Spotlight: Nashville Predators 2020 Winter Classic

As the 2019-2020 season begins to unravel, we will be graced with our fair share of on ice events. We’ll see the All Star game in St. Louis, plenty of throwback and alternate jersey nights across the league, and the Winter Classic in Dallas, Texas. The latter has been rapidly growing in popularity over the years, and we get a taste of what this years outdoor excursion will look like.



The Nashville Predators will appear in their first NHL Winter Classic along side fellow first timer, the Dallas Stars. The Predators revealed their tarp that takes us back to a time where only minor league hockey was played in Music City as the Preds pay homage to the Dixie Flyers.

The Dixie Flyers were a minor league hockey team that played in Nashville from 1962 until 1971, and were possibly the first domino that fell leading to Nashville being home to an NHL franchise.

The Jersey

Simplicity and getting back to basics makes this piece striking. Yellow piping and a dark blue outline sit across the chest and arms with “Nashville Predators” fluidly sprawled within the stripes with a font a la the Dixie Flyers. Thin piping of the same design sits at the bottom of the jersey. A solid blue collar ties this simple piece together, nothing much stands out from this piece, except that shoulder crest. A dark blue sabre cat with yellow outlining sits on the shoulders, a very refreshing, old school style logo that, in personal opinion, could make a case for permanence.


From speaking with peers, this jersey is either a home run or strikeout. But personally, this is incredibly refreshing to see. Back to basics never hurts, especially with special event jerseys. This tarp presents a handsome color palette, a fresh, new logo, and a clean throwback flare. It’s flamboyant but quiet. It makes a statement without getting in your face, the way a jersey should be.


Color: 8/10

Style: 8/10

Crest: 8/10

Wearability: 10/10

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

This is a proper take on a throwback. i can see why some don’t care for it, most Nashville whites don’t get a lot of love, but at least this isn’t the mustard color jerseys. Roman Josi pulls this piece off and it would look just as great on the streets, in the arena, and in my closet. Not only do I see this piece making its way into my closet, I may just have to pre-order it on pay day.

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