NHL 18 Beta: A Look at the Newest NHL Game

 The NHL 18 beta is now available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For EA Sports, this is the third year in a row they have given their fans an early look at their NHL franchise by releasing a beta version. In the NHL 18 beta, they have included a few of their online modes such as EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) and Online Versus. Also, a new game mode “NHL THREES” is in the beta to give the fans a taste of the new mode.

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“NHL THREES” is an arcade style of hockey where players play three on three against the CPU, their friends or against online users. NHL THREES gives gamers a comedic style of an arcade game and is what fans have been asking for in the NHL franchise. In this game mode, 30 out of the 31 NHL teams including the four division all-star teams are available. The new Vegas Golden Knights team are unavailable in the beta, which is upsetting to fans wanting to try out the new team.

EASHL is a realistic way to create your hockey club with your friends online and to compete to be the best hockey club in the online community. EASHL allows players to build their hockey arenas, design jerseys, design your player and create a team bonding experience. EA has added to this mode by including the three on three format with NHL Rules applied and also lets you have your team mascot to cheer you on your journey.

Photo credit:Polygon

Online Versus is a traditional NHL match against an online opponent but allows you to feel out the new additions. These additions include NHL dekes, improved A.I. passing and gameplay, and the defensive skill stick which allows players to poke check the puck away with more ease and fewer penalties.

The criticism to the beta is receiving is that NHL players are too weak overall, but gamers have to remember that a beta is a trial and most of these issues are temporary and fixed in the real release of the game.

NHL 18 hits the shelves on September 15 for $79.99. For those buying the deluxe versions, they receive the game three days earlier. visit  https://www.easports.com/nhl for more information.

So sharpen your blades and tape your sticks, NHL 18 and hockey season are coming soon.

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