NHL Eastern Conference Review; In Haiku

With a quarter of the NHL’s 2017/18 season already under its belt, it’s time to take a look back and reflect on how the teams are performing at this early stage. Given that less is more, especially in today’s TL:DR society, I wanted to mix things up a little. Instead of the usual review format, we’ll be looking at each team using the form of the Haiku poem. 

Today we’re looking at the teams in the Eastern Conference, starting alphabetically:

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Boston Bruins

While we hate Marchand

Pasta is dish of the day

OK results so far


Buffalo Sabres

This is Eichel town

Sabres last in division

No cup run again


Carolina Hurricanes

Canes underperform

In their empty arena

Metro teams too strong


Columbus Blue Jackets

Torts’ team doing well

Cam safe bet in #HiSticking

Can they make it last?


Detroit Red Wings


Contract good but Wings still poor

Mantha kicking butt

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Florida Panthers

Season looking bleak

Luongo hits new record

Trocheck performing


Montreal Canadiens

Sad times for Habs fans

Bergevin unemployed soon

Need big changes now


New Jersey Devils

Surprisingly good

Devils leading the metro

Hall trade looking smart


New York Islanders

JB and JT

Leading the way to playoffs

Road form needs some work

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New York Rangers

Lundqvist’s hopes for cup

In serious trouble as

Alain’s lines no good


Ottawa Senators

Mediocre team

Took all the points in Sweden

As well as Duchene


Philadelphia Flyers

Still no good despite

Giroux and Couturier

Rest of team can’t score


Pittsburgh Penguins

Trouble for the champs

Outside wildcard spot for now

Kessel points leader

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Tampa Bay Lightning

Lightning lead the way

Healthy Stamkos Playing Well

Dominate the east


Toronto Maple Leafs

Matthews reigns supreme

Kadri, JVR close too

Playoffs look certain


Washington Capitals

Ovi playing well

Longevity concern, will

Be swept by Pens


That’s it for the East, next time we’ll take a swing at the Western Conference.

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