The NHL playoffs are almost here and that means that it’s time to preview the Eastern Conference Play in round!  The NHL released the latest COVID-19 test results. Has the NHL done all that they can to keep the players and staff safe? The Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers will play a round robin tournament to warm up. What can be expected from this tournament? With 4 best of 5 matchups happening, we look at: Are Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins finally healthy enough? Which goalie will start for the New York Rangers? Can Sergei Bobrovsky return toRead More →

With the current climate, there’s a lot of focus and scrutiny on how organisations and sports teams are responding to what’s happening in the news. Whenever a professional sports team throws its weight behind a cause that’s at least partly political in nature, there’s often a social media backlash. When the New Jersey Devils tweeted recently that they’ve added ‘Black Lives Matter’ to the ice at their practice rink, the response ranged from support all the way through to threats of cancelling season tickets. A recent change in our ice reflects an unwavering commitment to changing the game for racial equity. #WeAreOne | #NJDevils More →

Training camps are back and so are we!   The NHL officially announced the plan for Phase 3 and 4 of their return to play, as well as a CBA extension, which means Olympics and escrow! Phase 3 of the NHL Return to Play has begun, which means training camp, players opting out and a look towards the the qualifying round which is both playoffs and not playoffs at the same time! The Vancouver Canucks wanted Tyler Toffoli. Which apparently will cost them Brock Boeser. Lindy Ruff is the new head coach of the New Jersey Devils. Why though? The final Quarantine Corner is hereRead More →

So the Detroit Red Wings are drafting 4th overall. Yes it’s a joke, but as many have been quick to point out, Steve Yzerman was also drafted in that same position, and he turned out to be alright. Embed from Getty Images With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the players who’ve been drafted 4th overall, and see if we can figure out who was the best of all time. There have been a LOT of drafts since 1963, so this week we’ll just be looking at the first decade of drafts. The Swinging 60s. 1963: Al Osborne Drafted by: New YorkRead More →

The NHL Draft Lottery is here! With the Detroit Red Wings having the best odds at the first overall pick. How does Nick handle the outcome? Kevyn Adams was named the GM of the Buffalo Sabres. But why did the front office changes even happen? The Hockey Hall of Fame welcomed Jarome Iginla, Marian Hossa, Kim St-Pierre, Ken Holland, Kevin Lowe and Doug Wilson to their ranks. Were they all worthy? As players begin to return ahead of training camp opening July 10, how much do the fans deserve to know about players’ health? All this and more on episode 285 of the 4th LineRead More →

With a couple weeks away from the show, The 4th Line is back! Phase 1 of the NHL return to work has started! So we can be excited, right? Well, it led to players and staff testing positive for COVID. So, can the league do this? Vegas has been selected as one of the hub cities for the NHL playoffs. Who else is on the table as a hub city? What makes Vegas a good choice? What could NHL broadcasts look like with no fans in the arena? The choices are endless! The Quarantine Corner takes us to the barber shop! All this and moreRead More →

The NHL has actual news, so we’re back!   With a weird NHL playoff coming, should there be an asterisk next to it? And more importantly, how do you say asterisk? There are multiple questions to be had about playoff seeding. Is this the best way? And if the seeding isn’t confusing enough, wait until we try to explain the NHL draft lottery! Is Stevie Nick happy with the results for his Red Wings? What about conditional draft picks? What happens with them? With the NHL clamoring for content, we have ideas! The Quarantine Corner brings us to the world of mascots! Who is theRead More →