Pavel Bure’s of the Week Hi Sticking – Nov. 22, 2016

On this week’s episode, we were honored to be joined by Mike Laybourne as they talked about a variety of topics and picked the Pavel Bure’s of the week.

How it works

For those new to the game, for every Pavel Bure Must Watch Game you get to pick 1 player for each team who you think will score the game winning goal. If you pick the game winning goal scorer, you get 2 points. If the guy you picked assists on the winner, you get 1 point.

The Standings

Clantastic 9
BShareCohen 8
Mikelaybourne 7
JoeMartini90 6
Kagey_ 6
TheeRyanKearns 6
AndrewGForbes 5
ClumsyerOne 5
CactusOnIce 4
ChrisMaierBC 4
JoelASchnell 4
DRDiabloTHW 2
efrommer 2
Gwen_Deyoung 2
ReasonsAre 2
bluenotebacker 1
ChrisWasselDFS 1
cjmilroy 1
nkinsey8 1
romanotpizza 1

The Next Games

This week we’ll be picking game winning goal scorers for:

New York Islanders vs Anaheim Ducks; Tuesday, November 22; 10 PM ET

Dallas Stars vs Nashville Predators; Wednesday, November 23; 8 PM ET

Carolina Hurricanes vs Montreal Canadiens; Thursday, November 24; 7:30 PM ET

Winnipeg Jets vs Nashville Predators; Friday, November 25; 6 PM ET

Anaheim Ducks vs San Jose Sharks; Saturday, November 26; 10:30 PM ET

Arizona Coyotes vs Edmonton Oilers; Sunday, November 27; 3 PM ET

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