The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #175 – The Unsolved Debate

The guys are back and Joel is already upset. On the website this week a case was made for Taylor Hall, Nikita Kucherov and Nathan MacKinnon for the Hart Trophy. He wants to know where Evgeni Malkin‘s name is.

Brad Marchand was at his usual antics again. Will he be punished for it this time? It leads to the question of who the player you hated cheering for the most was. Send us your answers for next week’s show!

As we near the playoffs (less than a month to go), Joel is looking at the standings and disappointed that the playoff format will give us worse matchups. Carl loves the rivalries this format gives. Who is right?

The NHLPA released the results of their player poll and most of the results are as expected, except for you: Why do the players still think Jonathan Toews is good?

The Carolina Hurricanes have disappointed Carl as his bandwagon team this year, which gets them placed in the Elimination Station.  With Ron Francis removed as general manager, where does this team go next? Who stays and who goes for Carolina in the offseason?

Lastly, the Pavel Bure Must Watch Games of the Week are selected.


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The 4th Line Podcast is a weekly hockey podcast hosted by Carl Landra and Joel Schnell. Every week they share their unique and fun take on what is happening in the world of hockey. While they don’t take themselves too seriously, they have a typical no 4th line attitude: what they lack in finesse, they make for in being willing to go to the corners and work hard to get the job done.

Who are Carl and Joel? Carl comes from Calgary, AB. His facial hair of choice is a mustache. His team of choice is the Colorado Avalanche and his smoked meat of choice is brisket. Joel comes from Calgary, AB. His facial hair of choice is a beard. His team of choice is the Toronto Maple Leafs and his smoked meat of choice is ribs.

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