The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #290 – The 2020 NHL Playoff 1st Round Preview

The Qualifying Round is over and it’s time for the real playoffs to begin!

With the preliminary round over, Nick is frenzied. Between talk about:

– permanently expanding the playoffs

– Bob McKenzie retiring

– Dale Tallon and the Florida Panthers parting ways

– the New York Rangers winning the draft lottery

he is ready for things to calm down.

Every matchup is previewed looking at what we think will happen and what we want to happen. Nick also tries to get Carl frenzied by discussing his hopes for the Avalanche.

We also crown the Hi Sticking winner and select a random winner too!

All this and more on episode 290 of the 4th Line Hockey Podcast!


Intro music by Erik Hall of Ane Croft

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The 4th Line Podcast is a weekly hockey podcast hosted by Carl Landra and Nick Seguin. Every week they share their unique and fun take on what is happening in the world of hockey. While they don’t take themselves too seriously, they have a typical no 4th line attitude: what they lack in finesse, they make for in being willing to go to the corners and work hard to get the job done.

Who are Carl and Nick? Carl comes from Calgary, AB. His facial hair of choice is a mustache. His team of choice is the Colorado Avalanche and his smoked meat of choice is brisket.  Nick comes from Toronto, ON. His facial hair of choice is a light beard. His team of choice is the Detroit Red Wings and his smoked meat of choice is ribs.

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