The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #327 – The Relegation

With the world of soccer dealing with the fallout of the Super League, would a similar format work in the NHL? Would a relegation system work in the NHL?

We look up and down the standings to see which teams are in surprising locations and how they got there, including:

– The Columbus Bluejackets ending John Tortorella’s tour

– The Washington Capitals overcoming a subpar Alexander Ovechkin

– The Pittsburgh Penguins riding the Sidney Crosby train

– The Florida Panthers avoiding the overpaid Sergei Bobrovsky

– The Carolina Hurricanes celebrating with Rod the Bod

The Chicago Blackhawks enter the Elimination Station. With Kirby Dach returning next year, and Kevin Lankinen in net, are the Blackhawks ready to return to the playoffs, or are they still a few year away?

Play #HiLoSticking on Twitter and pick the OVER/UNDER in each Montreal Canadiens game this week!

All this and more on episode 32 of the 4th Line Hockey Podcast!


Intro music by Erik Hall of Ane Croft

Jingles by Scotty Hicks of Hunker Down, on Twitter at @rapidonian

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The 4th Line Podcast is a weekly hockey podcast hosted by Carl Landra and Nick Seguin. Every week they share their unique and fun take on what is happening in the world of hockey. While they don’t take themselves too seriously, they have a typical 4th line attitude: what they lack in finesse, they make up for in being willing to go to the corners and work hard to get the job done.

Who are Carl and Nick? Carl comes from Calgary, AB. His facial hair of choice is a mustache. His team of choice is the Colorado Avalanche and his smoked meat of choice is brisket.  Nick comes from Toronto, ON. His facial hair of choice is a light beard. His team of choice is the Detroit Red Wings and his smoked meat of choice is ribs.

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