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Earlier this summer The 4th Line Podcast took a big step that opened a lot of options up for us: We finally had our own website.

When we first started the show we always said that we could get by with sending people to our Soundcloud page or iTunes or to our partners’ websites. We’d always toyed with the idea of having our own site but there wasn’t enough of a reason to have one. Sure, we’d love to have a website, but was it worth it? This past summer, as we had more time to think without hockey to distract us, we started brainstorming about where we could take the show and realized that the first step forward would be to create our own home to be a base for the show. And so we did. And now you’re here. The home of The 4th Line Podcast. So, what’s next?

Starting with this post, we are officially venturing into having hockey articles on the site. With the addition of articles, we aim to expand our offering of great hockey content to you. will continue to bring the entertaining and interesting opinions on the world of hockey that are in the podcast, but now in written form. Everyone knows where to go for hockey news and those sites do what they do very well. We have no desire to be a hockey news site. So if we aren’t doing news, what are we doing?  You can expect similar written content that you get on the show: opinions, insight, interviews and Royal Rumbles.

Taking this next step is very exciting for us because it will let us get into topics in ways that we don’t on the podcast. Joel and Carl will be consistently contributing articles to the website, but it’ll also let us work with an assortment of other writers. We’re very excited that Mike Laybourne is joining us as our very first writer! Mike has written for various sites in the past and is currently one of the two men behind The Fifth Liners (name similarity is pure coincidence).

As we open this door, we are stepping into a world with many possibilities of what can be done in it. Thank you for joining us for where we have gone so far with the podcast and being a part of what we do moving forward!


  1. Website looks great! Looking forward to seeing it grow. Big congrats!!

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